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RGA#5 - Winner

We have our fifth winner for the Rock God Award! Your icon will receive a special banner and will be featured in the info and on the sidebar. I don't get it but for some odd reason my program wont let me add text to the banners so I have none to give right now. So if anyone would like to volunteer to make banners, because there are 3 challenges and now the RGA banners that are missing. You wouldn't have to make them all just like one challenge, I would be great full while i find out whats wrong with my program. See under the cut if you are interested.

Congrats to stepinsidelove!

If you would like to help make banners for Challenges: 23, 24, 25 and RGA5, just comment below saying you would like to help and i will give you a challenge with it's info. Thank you so much to anyone that helps, I feel horrible holding banners hostage.

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